Layers Organize Themselves with PSD Cleaner

Photoshop Plugin that lets you easily find and fix messy layers in your PSDs.

Keeping PSDs clean is now easy as pie

Avoid the manual work of keeping your designs organized. PSD cleaner automatically scans through your PSD structure to find all the messy layers. And these layers can be quickly fixed right from the panel as well. This way you will always know what’s wrong and your PSD will always be clean.

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You will never miss a messy layer ever again

Naming unnamed layers takes only seconds

Automatically locate unnamed layers and rename them right in our plugin.

Use the right type of text

You can instantly turn any point text that has breaking spaces into a paragraph text.

Easily find and fix CSS incombatible layers

Some Photoshop effects are impossible to recreate in CSS. Easily find and fix them.

Simply clear all unused layers

Get rid of all unnecessary layers with just a few clicks.

Delete all empty layers with few clicks

It takes forever to manually delete empty layers. Not anymore with PSD Cleaner.

Quickly locate all layers that are out of canvas

Searching for out of canvas layers is time consuming. Avoid this with our PS Plugin.

This plugin was created in collaboration of: